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Savoa has the talent, equipment, track record and creativity to bring your message to life in an extraordinary way.

Our suite of services

Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team can offer you seamless recording, editing and post-production for any project, whether is a radio or TV ad, a corporate video or a podcast series. Unleash your communication potential with Savoa

Wired for sound

Our state-of-the-art technology and experienced team can offer you
seamless recording, editing and post-production for any project,

Radio Ads

Savoa offers a range of professional services to elevate your radio advertising campaigns. Our team of experienced voice talent can deliver the perfect tone and style for your ads. We also excel in scriptwriting, ensuring your message is compelling and effective. With top-notch sound production using high-quality equipment, our radio ads capture the best audio quality. Our recording and direction experts guarantee top-notch performances, and our mixing and mastering services ensure clear and balanced audio ready for broadcast. We even provide sound effects for added impact. Choose Savoa for radio ads that stand out and engage your audience.

Television Ads

For video explainers and television ads, Savoa goes beyond sound to offer professional video production services. We take. Your material, editing, and post-production with precision, ensuring your visuals are as compelling as your message. Our experienced voice talents and scriptwriting elevate your content, while our state-of-the-art sound production guarantees top-quality audio. With Savoa, your video projects come to life with engaging visuals and clear, balanced sound.

Video Explainers

For captivating video explainers and TV ads, Savoa provides comprehensive video production services. We handle shooting, editing, and post-production with utmost professionalism. Our voice talents bring emotion and clarity to your message, and our scriptwriting ensures your content is persuasive. With state-of-the-art equipment and studios, our sound production guarantees exceptional audio quality. Savoa’s expertise in mixing and mastering ensures your visuals are paired with clear, well-balanced sound. Trust us to elevate your video content to the next level.

Digital Voice Recordings

Savoa is your one-stop solution for digital voice recordings. Whether it’s for IVR systems, e-learning modules, or digital marketing campaigns, our digital voice recordings deliver clarity and professionalism. Our roster of professional voice talents ensures your message is conveyed with the right tone and style. Our recording and direction experts guarantee top-notch performances, and our technical expertise ensures the highest audio quality standards. Choose Savoa for digital voice recordings that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Sound Production

Savoa’s sound production services encompass much more than just radio and video. We provide sound production for various purposes, maintaining the highest audio quality standards. Our experienced engineers and directors ensure a smooth recording process, and our mixing and mastering experts deliver well-balanced and clear audio ready for any application. Whether it’s sound effects for impact or background music, we handle it all professionally. At Savoa, we make sure your sound production needs are met with excellence.

Mixing & Mastering

At Savoa, we excel in mixing and mastering, ensuring your audio content is of the highest quality. After recording, our experts handle the process to deliver clear, well-balanced audio ready for broadcast or distribution. Our technical expertise ensures that your audio projects meet industry best practices and technical specifications. Trust Savoa for impeccable mixing and mastering services that elevate your content to the next level of quality and professionalism.

Recording & Direction

Savoa offers a comprehensive range of services to meet all your recording and production needs. Our top voice talents, scriptwriting, sound production, and mixing and mastering expertise ensure that your projects meet the highest quality standards. We provide sound effects to add impact and clarity to your message. Whether it’s radio ads, video explainers, or digital voice recordings, Savoa is your trusted partner for exceptional audio content.

Music Demos

Savoa’s expertise in music composition is at your service. If your project requires background music or jingles, we can create original music or license existing tracks to enhance your content. Our experienced composers and musicians deliver music that perfectly complements your message, setting the right mood and tone. Choose Savoa for music that resonates with your audience and adds depth to your projects.
Sound Production

A network of partner studios connected throughout Africa

Our global network of studios, translators and voice talent, including people in remote regions of Africa, enables us to find the ideal voice for your project. We quickly source voices and partners to record for you, no matter where you are.

The complete package

Savoa has the talent, equipment, track record and creativity to bring your message to life in an extraordinary way.

Sound Production

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is a cornerstone of Savoa's services. We deliver a final product that meets the highest standards, including technical specifications and industry best practices. Our rigorous process covers everything from sound production to video editing. Trust Savoa to produce content that will make a strong impact on your audience.

Project management

Savoa’s expert project management ensures trouble-free audio and video content. We handle every aspect of production, from talent selection to scheduling, resource allocation and time management. We are committed to completing your projects efficiently and on time, freeing you to focus on your core objectives. Leave it in Savoa’s capable hands.

Channel distribution

Savoa provides comprehensive support in distributing your content to the right channels. Whether it's radio, TV, streaming platforms, or digital marketing channels, we have the expertise to ensure your content reaches your target audience effectively. Our distribution services encompass both technical aspects and strategic planning, maximizing the reach and impact of your projects.

Licensing and legal

For licensing and rights management, Savoa has the necessary know-how. We handle licensing agreements and rights management for music, voice talent, and other copyrighted materials used in your projects. We manage all legal and contractual aspects professionally to protect your content and intellectual property. Let Savoa handle the paperwork for you.

Client feedback

Savoa values client collaboration and communication. We will listen to your feedback and revise your audio and/or video product until it fulfils your needs and effectively conveys your message. Choose Savoa for a collaborative partnership that brings your creative vision to life.

Technical expertise

Savoa’s technical expertise sets us apart. We stay up-to-date with the latest audio and video production technologies, ensuring that your content is produced using the best available tools and techniques. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements means that your projects benefit from the latest innovations, delivering outstanding quality and professionalism.

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