Amy-Lee V

My name is Amy-Lee and I am an expressive upcoming voice talent. I have years of experience in communications in multi-cultural settings.

Throughout high school, I consistently involved myself in public speaking and performance opportunities. After graduating from my degree in Communications and Psychology, I experienced life outside South Africa and met a diverse group of people in my travels in the United States. I was able to expand my knowledge of communication and expressing myself in an invaluable way.

I have completed Voice Over training in the form of the SAVOA Booth Camp as well as extensive 1-on-1 training. This has exposed me to the fundamentals of Voice Over and taught me a level of key competence a Voice Artist requires to begin to attain success in the industry.

Working in media, I am constantly exposed to the outcome that effective marketing has for a company or brand, which allows me to truly understand the uniqueness of any voice over assignment I may be considered for.

Whether you’re looking for a conversational and relatable voice for your brand, or an emotional and empathetic delivery for corporate promotion, I can be the passionate and willing voice you can trust