Tasco F

Award-winning presenter, Tasco, heats up the airwaves with co-host every afternoon on MannMade Radio.

The Drive brings you up-to-date news and information, sport, trivia and the best mix of classic and new music to make your drive home from work relaxed and entertaining. The show is interactive with the audience participating in a discussion about the topic of the day. 
Why Radio?
I enjoy radio because it’s a lot more personal – I treasure walking the road with people on air, no matter what they are going through.
I am serious about encouraging the community. It is vital that strong leaders emerge in our nation and presenting allows me to be a voice of integrity that chases truth

When Tasco is not on air, he does voice overs, emceeing events. The one thing Tasco always makes time for is attending church on Sundays.
If they were to make a movie of your life, which actor would play you?
I would choose Tyrese Gibson. He is suave, quirky and loves fast cars. Need I say more?!”