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Daniel B

Do you ever hear an ad on the radio and think, “How does someone do that with their voice?”, “Do
people actually sound like that?” …. that was me as a kid.
I went a step further and asked, “Where can I sign up to sound like that?”
I later discovered that the voice is an instrument. With practice we can achieve anything. I started
with announcements for my church and received positive responses. Someone even jokingly told me
that “I have the face for Radio”. So I kept going and have since done this every week since 2017.
Over these years I have been asked to do voice work for a variety of projects. This is one of my
passions, along with film and video production, having received my degree in Cinematography.
I love reading and bringing words to life, whether it be with my voice or with a camera. We have the
power to change the world with our words. Let me know what you want to say.