Alan M

Alan M

As a university lecturer in physics I have, for many years, projected my voice on the stage of the lecture theatre, and I have recently used voice over to narrate almost a hundred e-learning videos.

I am a scientist by training with a love of the arts. As a student I acted in plays, sang in choirs, and narrated audiobooks, and as a lecturer I acted in a radio play, took a course in creative writing, and wrote a novel.

My journey in voice over started with a SAVOA booth camp in 2019, and continued with group and now individual coaching with SAVOA.

I find that voice acting brings together the mind, emotions and voice to shape sound in a subtle and powerful way, taking me deep within and then out to the world.

My accent is English South African, and my voice has a range from a relaxed bass timbre to a dynamic high tone that lends itself to audiobook narration, character voices, and commercial soft sell, and corporate and narration genres of explainer, documentary, training, and e-learning.

Meguy M

Meguy M

My name is Méguy, and at my core, I am a multimedia storyteller. I love to tell stories, whether written, voiced, pictured or filmed, with special emphasis on my beloved African continent.

I am a 28 year old South African of Kongolese origin (both Congos), and I currently live in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire , where I work in disaster risk management, on top of being a passionate storyteller J

I love to sing, photobomb my friends pictures and I set sometime aside every day for a lot of daydreaming!

Abim T

Abim T

Abimbola AKA The Voice Of Abim, born in Lagos Nigeria. A full time, trained and experienced voice-over who has been in the creative industry for almost a decade. Being a popular Nigerian Voiceover, Abimbola has lent his unique voice to several brands in Nigeria and across the globe. Abimbola voiceovers in English, Nigerian English, African English, Pidgin English and Yoruba Language.

Abimbola has always loved doing stuff with his voice but never got around doing this on a professional level earlier enough, as he now wishes. His major voiceover journey began for in England, working part-time as an announcer at the train station, whilst running a Master’s degree course at the University of Wales. A frequent passenger who was herself a top rated UK voiceover, sought him out and lead him on, after having heard his voice over the PA so many times. In her words, “Abimbola, you have a uniquely rich African voice the world needs to hear more of”. Abimbola has never for once left the voiceover path since then!

Abimbola’s voice as prominently described is in the class of Baritone, Deep, Assertive, powerful, Smooth, catchy and Articulate. Some of the brands Abimbola has worked with are GT Bank, KONGA, FIDELITY BANK, MTN, FIRST BANK, ADVANCE LAFAYETTE MICROFINANCE BANK, INNOSON MOTORS, JIJI NG, LG, PANASONIC,INDOMIE NOODLES, LAGOS STATE MINISTRY OF HEALTH, UNICEF, JUMIA, NIGERIAN BREWRIES, WHO, to mention a few.

Aside enjoying being in the company of microphones or dreaming of the next voiceover gadget to add to his arsenal, Abimbola is a passionate bicyclist.

S’nothando M


S’nothando is a 26-year-old South African Senior Copywriter and Voiceover Artist who has made a number of television appearances on shows such as The Expresso Morning Show, Mtv Base and Mzansi Insider as a Presenter and Fashion Commentator. She graduated from the University of Cape Town with an Honours degree in Political Journalism and Communication in 2016 and has since been building her career in advertising and creating award-winning campaigns for brands such as FNB, DStv, Red Bull, Under Armour, Gautrain and Grant’s whisky.

Her distinctive deep and alto voice has always caught the attention of many who motivated her to pursue a career in voice artistry. Although she may be new in the industry, she has voiced campaigns for FNB and DStv and is gradually building her voiceover career. Her natural talent, coupled with her expert knowledge writing scripts for brand ads, S’nothando takes her talent and translates this to giving an excellent performance behind the mic doing voice overs. She is fluent in English and isiZulu and can deliver in a variety of voice over styles.

Barinda B


Barinda was born and raised on a farm in the Free State and developed an innate love for nature, the great outdoors and later in her life, mountaineering.

She has always been told by people that her voice is distinctive and that she’ll make a wonderful storyteller.

This year she decided to pursue professional voice coaching and loved every second of her training.

She believes that her voice is a gift from her Creator and likes to use it to honour Him.

Barinda is bilingual but will be focusing on pursuing opportunities for the Afrikaans market.

Casey L

Casey L

As a Speech and Language Therapist, providing voice therapy, Casey has always been intrigued by how we can train the human voice to convey various messages in different ways.

She has worked with adults and children, providing speech therapy and voice therapy for almost a decade. With a clear voice, excellent reading and enunciation skills, Casey enjoys storytelling and bringing characters to life.


Casey attended SAVOA online workshops and completed the SAVOA Voice coaching Boothcamp in Cape Town in June 2021. She is excited to grow as a voice over artist and to entice your audience.

Enrico V

Enrico Vaioli

Hi, I’m Enrico, I’m Italian and I am looking forward to doing voice over work with you.

Obakeng M

Obakeng M

I am Obakeng, an accountant by day and wine enthusiast by night with a pleasantly soothing yet very versatile voice. I’m based in Johannesburg but I grew up in Rustenburg and studied in Cape Town.

I’m a 26 year old multi-talented woman currently working for a bank as I complete my training in chartered accountancy. I got into Voice overs as a student in 2017, I was looking for a change and something new to try and little did I know that myself and voice overs were a match made in heaven. That year as a birthday gift to myself I attended a voice over boot camp hosted by SAVOA, and it has been a whole lot of fun and adventure since.

As a young woman, I embrace my intellectual side, but I truly come alive as an artist. I enjoy storytelling and bringing creative vision to life using my voice. I also enjoy the challenge of stretching my voice capability to discover new ways of expressing myself and creating top quality voice content.

I have done a variety of corporate voice overs over the years that include old Mutual and Bonitas. Some of my favorites projects have been in collaboration with Bio oil and Nissan. I’m open to being part of an array of projects and I’m enthusiastic about what the wonderful world of voice overs has in store for me.


Pascal Labroy

Pascal has over ten years expereince as a radio host, and alongside his radio presenting skills, he also is a Voice-Over artist.
He has a decade-long portfolio in the genre of animated voice recording, and is professionally qualified as a Voice-Over Coach.

Not only is he a gifted Voice Artist, but he is French too. He is born and bread in France, giving him a great upper-hand in the global french IVR market. Which is growing exponentially.

Just to name a few, here are his strengths:
Voice Over, Realization of radio broadcast live, Advertising jingles, Interviews, Interpersonal skills, Knowledge of IT tools: Word, Excel, Netia, Great adaptability.