SAVOA is the premiere commercial voice-over training facility in South Africa, offering an in-depth analysis into the art technique and business of voice-over.

We also specialise in:
– Developing and Equipping new Voice Over Talent​
​- Music composition and sound design
– South African accent coaching for international actors
– Corporate Communication & Confidence Training

We offer a wide variety of services from intricate one-on-one coaching, group voice-over coaching (SAVOA Booth Camp) and our Online Mentorship Programme (SAVOA Webinar) to voice-over directing for creatives, confidence building, voice talent scouting in all languages as well as the assessment of your own voice. With our uber-talented and trained coach, Craig Ross, you will learn how to investigate, evaluate, train, sound professional and grow your business in the voice-over industry.

SAVOA teaches the techniques that the pro’s use to make voice-over sound so simple – techniques that will immediately set you apart from your fellow artistic peers. We have also designed a first-of-its kind opportunity for corporate employees to gain confidence needed in an ever changing and demanding environment, to compete under pressure and learn to communicate effectively as a team through the art of voice-over and voice directing. There are countless dynamics in a voice-over session, making it the perfect team building activity for corporates.

SAVOA offers voice over coaching to:
– restaurant staff
– radio station and tv station News readers for all South African Languages
– school scholars reading and performing
– call center voice training
– tv and radio advertising
– narration
– Documentary.

With our team’s wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, SAVOA is a world-class voice-over training facility. By learning modulation and control of voice, and by gaining a solid understanding of the business and marketing aspects, we assist beginners and professionals to investigate, evaluate, break into, or advance their voice-over careers – and this is what sets us apart from any other training facilities. Our vision and mission is to raise the standard of voice-over in South Africa.

Core Values

SAVOA nurtures imagination, boldness and the mastery of skills and techniques, to create fluent, authentic voice-over that illuminates the complexity of the human voice. We challenge current misconceptions, question accepted practice and draw parallels between music theory and voice-over to bring out the most in understanding the dynamic range of the voice. Divine artistry is birthed through confidence, and we ensure confidence exudes from our artists.
Voice-over is a cut-throat industry and requires extreme professionalism and studio etiquette. High aspirations, passion and dedication fuel all of our professional focus and SAVOA pursues excellence at all times.
SAVOA masters the unique voice of each artist and strives for a collective vision of our goals. Although voice artistry can be an individual art, we focus on team collaboration by placing each artist through the exact replica of a working studio session to experience and understand each role in the industry to negate any surprises.
SAVOA and its team members treasure the ethical exchange of ideas, thoughts, opinions and spirit of South Africa.
SAVOA joyfully embraces the diversity which enriches our society and artistry, in order to approach our craft in the most effective manner.
Meet Team SAVOA
Craig Ross

Craig Ross is a man of many talents and his passion is to teach, empower and inspire his generation and those younger to develop their confidence through the art of voice. In this day and age with so many narratives swirling around, Craig is avid about helping artists find their own voice. His teachings embrace the slogan: ‘Don’t be an echo, be a voice!’

As a teacher and business owner of the South African Voice Artist Academy (SAVOA), Craig brings the experience of the many different roles and hats he has worn in his industry, namely Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Voice Artist and Actor, which gives the artists and students at the Voice Over Training workshops a versatile approach to the industry. Craig Ross embodies the art of voice-over and he is literally a born voice-over coach – voice over runs in his veins – having learnt the art of voice from his father. And on top of the training he received in his childhood, Craig has the experience too, with over 15 years’ of experience behind both the mixing desk and the mic for many big brands, this multi-faceted, multi-layered human vocal instrument is a breath of fresh air in the voice over world. Craig will encourage, inspire, motivate and sculpt every student to see the potential they have, by being heard through the art of voice-over.

From the desk of Craig Ross:
After several years in the voice-over business I began to notice the apparent ‘disconnect’ between the artist and the creative team, including the engineer, as the ability to communicate a desired result wasn’t being achieved.

My experience as a voice artist, combined with my engineering and directing, enabled me to recognise these communication obstacles. I would often wonder during a recording session “Where can one learn to become a voice over artist – to understand mic technique, studio etiquette? Where can one learn how to communicate effectively with the people on the other side of the glass?” There is so much more that came to mind during these sessions – the importance of understanding vocal components that make up an individual’s vocal range and how they can be manipulated to achieve various results, the understanding of scripts and how to deliver it vocally, according to its demographic platform and audience. I noticed there was also a need for artists to understand breath control, inflection, and how to take and understand direction. Most importantly is the learning of one’s own authentic self, that special niche, our ‘USP’ (unique selling point) – the unique element of one’s voice that keeps the client coming back for more. I recognised a need for voice artists to be trained in all of the above to hone their USP, to find and keep those clients and to ensure that their agents market their voice to the maximum. This is what the workshops I designed are all above and I’d like to welcome you to come and find out more about this exciting industry. I hope to see you there and I can guarantee it will add value to your life. You are so valuable and so worth it – make the investment and you will see a great return on it. Don’t delay – get trained today!

Selwyn Shandel

Selwyn is a recognised music industry expert with over 30 years of experience as a composer, producer and vocal expert. He has composed and produced numerous multi-platinum and gold-selling albums for legendary artists such as the late Brenda Fassie, Steve Kekana, Hugh Masekela, Penny Penny, Doctor Malinga, Neville Diedericks and many others.

He has also composed and produced a variety of award-winning soundtracks for commercials, both locally and internationally for brands such as Kodak, Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Shoprite, Checkers, British Airways and Vodacom.

Selwyn has also conceptualised, implemented and procured a 25 million-rand sponsorship deal for the successful launch of the radio/tv show and vocal talent competition Voice of Choice to discover hidden singing talent. The project attracted over 100,000 auditions captured over the phone utilizing IVR technology. One of the great discoveries from this project was Doctor Malinga, now one of South Africa’s top recording artists and a renowned television personality and live performer.

The success that Selwyn has achieved as one of SA’s most successful music producers has largely been due to his passion, knowledge and expertise of singing and how he has managed to extract the best performances from the singers/artists that he has produced over the years. Selwyn himself is a trained classical singer who underwent years of coaching by world renowned opera singer Magariet Stemmert.

For the past number of years Selwyn has been applying his incredible knowledge and understanding of vocal singing to the exciting world of voice-over for the advertising and corporate markets and has become a leading producer and director of many successful radio and tv ads.

Selwyn is excited to have joined forces with good friend and colleague Craig Ross, two powerhouses in the media, production and voice over industry.

Taking their wealth of industry knowledge and expertise they have identified a niche in the market to offer SAVOA’s unique voice-over coaching academy by drawing on talent from the entire country and continent and offering SAVOA corporate clients with a professionally run voice and production agency which will be headed up by Selwyn Shandel who is based in the SAVOA Cape Town studios whilst Craig is based in the SAVOA Johannesburg studios.

SAVOA Testimonials

SAVOA is a family of professionals who take you on a journey of discovery as a voice over artist. Although boothcamps are in groups, I enjoyed the individual attention. The ongoing support and programmes after the boothcamp is also amazing. An amazing experience.​



SAVOA Student

Understanding what really goes into creating a voice over makes us better advertisers.

Thanks to Craig Ross and the South African Voice Over Academy for a brilliant workshop!



Strategist website

Just reflecting on my way back home on what an awesome opportunity today has been, to be blessed to learn from the very best. Craig - you are out of this world, your passion seeps through your pores for this work and that is so inspiring. There is so much to this business and industry and I'm really keen to give it my all. I cannot wait for tomorrow, it's truly going to be awesome 🙌🏾🙌🏾👌🏾everyone made it so special with their uniqueness that we can all learn from. I can't wait to see us all fly.



Joburg [February 6, 2022]

Today was mind blowing to say the LEAST! And now I’m TOTALLY hooked.... 🤩🥳👌 Thank you for an amazing experience guys, this was definitely a highlight of my life so far! Thank you for opening us up to a whole new world, Craig - you are a world class legend and we appreciate you so much!! 🎉🎉🎉 You guys were all so amazing today, so proud of everyone’s efforts and talents! Thanks for the great energy, positivity and wonderful support! Yayyyy for tomorrow!! ⭐️🎉😁🥳 (How are we going to go back to our day jobs on Monday??!!) 😆🤪🙃😅



Joburg [February 6, 2022]

I loved every single moment with everybody !
Thank you for such an unforgettable weekend of fun, laughter & learning.

Thembe Palesa Masina - SAVOA Durban Student
Sabelo Koti

Sabelo Koti SAVOA Student

Being a creative and constantly looking for spaces to allow my creative juices to flow can sometimes be extremely challenging during these unpredictable times. To my amazement whilst browsing the internet I stumbled across the South African Voice-Over Academy as a platform which really screamed out at me as it was the creative space that I had been looking for. I have had no prior voice or acting training, nor any studio experience.

I walked into Booth Camp, and I was greeted with an abundant goodie bag and a diverse group of strangers and like minded people which just made the atmosphere really comfortable and safe. In no time, all of us were vibrating on the same frequency, eager to learn, to push our boundaries, become vulnerable and vocally express ourselves in a way that I had never done before.
The vibrancy, and comradery at the Boothcamp could literally break any ice-berg as we all supported each other in learning to unearth this new, irnnate skill of voice over.
We kick-started each day with vocal training, breathing exercising and script overviews with fresh refreshments available around the clock. None of this would have been possible without the professional guidance, support and direction provided by our coach Selwyn Shandel.

My experience with SAVOA is one I will never forget! And I cannot wait to get my voice out there so that it can be heard. With SAVOA, you will know from the moment you walk in that you are at the right place, at the right time with ample creative safe space for your creativity and talent to flow and to allow your voice, and confidence to grow. ​


Tegwyn SAVOA Student

"I recently had the pleasure of a personal training and feedback session with a coach from SAVOA. In short order, I was tutored on the basics of a software program to use for personal demos and how to set this up so that I could continue to practice and record demos from home.

I was wondering after the SAVOA Booth Camp which direction to take next to further my training and personal growth to the point where I will be able to put myself forward for paid work. I have to say that I was once again astounded at how much information and how quickly I was able to progress with the one on one training done over Zoom. While I know I have a way to go to put myself forward for paid work, I now know that this is entirely possible with ongoing one on one sessions.

As always the constructive criticism moved me forward as we worked on one of the scripts from SAVOA. However, I was also linked to many resources so that I may practice on my own.

I would recommend the one on one training to anyone who is serious about taking themselves further in this industry and I personally will be booking more of these one on one sessions regularly, to reap the full benefit of this intensely personal and truly beneficial ongoing training. "

Client Photo

A- ma-zing! what a great weekend Craig ,Selwyn and team are just super great and so very attentive and only want to bring out the best in you which they do.I am one happy lady.

Client Photo

Fantastic🕺, love it. Thank you. What an all round wonderful and fun experience sharing the two days with a group of beautiful and incredible people . Selwyn, your patience, training and motivational skills are second to none, you are a legend .

Client Photo

I never thought I'd take so much from the booth camp. I highly recommend that you enroll. Craig and Dorin - you are amazing. Thanks for a very inspiring time.

Client Photo

It was such a great experience. I enjoyed every moment & learned a lot. SAVOA Team you are the Beeeeeeest!!!!!!!!!

Client Photo
DYLAN DYER SAVOA Cape Town Student

Thank you everyone for the amazing opportunity, experience and memories. 🥳 Was wonderful working with you all

Client Photo

It's been a beautiful day and I've learnt so much! Thank you, Mr Craig, it's been a great experience and I had so much fun

Client Photo

Today was amazingggg, I must say well done to everyone, listening to everyone during their sessions in the booth made me realise how talented and powerful we all are in our own individual ways, I became aware of my own voice and how to execute it well. Thank you to Craig, who was phenomenal, I really learned a lot and took in everything you shared.

Client Photo

I really learnt so much today, being my first time in such an environment and stepping out of my comfort zone it was scary at first (I almost didn't come today 😅), this booth camp made me feel comfortable and safe to come out of my shell and all the amazing people I met today❤️. Thank you, Craig, for bring yourself and encouraging us to be ourselves.

Client Photo

You guys are all so amazing. I was so nervous today but with such a supportive group and our super awesome coach, I can’t wait to get in the booth again tomorrow. I feel like I still have so much to learn but what an awesome place to start.

Client Photo

What an Amazing day of learning. Well worth the time and investment. Craig your talent, expertise, knowledge, passion and teaching is unparalleled. So inspiring to be coached by someone as inspiring as you. My fellow students ya’ll are absolute Beasts behind the mic. There’s absolutely no reason why any of us won’t be a success. Much love.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS
Q: What is voice over?
A: Voice over is the spoken word and material over many different broadcast forms. 
Q: Is SAVOA an agency?
A: Yes. SAVOA represents scouted and hand picked voices from across the African continent. 
Q: Are your courses for beginners?
A: Absolutely. If you have a voice and believe you know how to use it then our courses are for you. We cover all areas that will equip you enough with the know how of how to effectively develop as a VO artist.
Q: How do I secure a seat to one of your upcoming ‘Booth Camps’?
A: Book your spot here:
    Booth Camp in Studio & Online:


Q: Where do you host your ‘Booth Camps’?
A: We are currently in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth and very soon we will be in Durban.

Q: Will I recieve a certificate from SAVOA?
A: You will receive a certificate upon completion of our Booth Camp training course.

Q: Can you help me get more Voice Over work?
A: SAVOA represents each voice over artist that joins part of
the academy. We receive briefs from clients and put our voices
forward that best suits the format of brief.

Q: How much do your services cost?
A: Booth Camp in Studio training course cost for weekend (Incl. VAT) : R3995
Voice Over Service Package: R3950

    1-on-1 training sessions in Studio: R1435 p/hr
2-on-1 training sessions in Studio: R2125 p/hr

    Mixing and mastering: R975 p/hr
Booth Camp Online Voice Industry & Skills Course: R1500
Online 1-on-1 Voice-Over Coaching: R975
Online (4 Sessions package) 1-on-1 Voice-Over Coaching: R4270


Q: How would one join SAVOA’s agency and be represented?
A: One would need to attend either a Booth Camp course or a minimum of 2 one-on-one sessions to join part of our academy and earn our representation.
Q: Can I send you my demo?
A: Please forward your demos to:
@ Email Link
Q: Do you offer music production or sound engeering courses?
A: Yes we do. You can attend our 1 on 1 sessions.
Q: Do you offer accent training?
A: Yes we do. From South African, to British and American.
As well as Africa.

Q: I have a good voice and want to do voice over. What do I do?

A: Join our academy.